Monday, June 27, 2016

Check your pulse when I speak (Nadine Shah)


That pretty much describes my work method currently.

I like keeping on top of paper work and being as up to date with my marking as possible.

An example? (you ask). Sure.
Thursday I received an email about collecting some random samples for external moderation of three internal Achievement Standards. Luckily, I lead the best gosh darned English department in New Zealand, so, by Friday afternoon I'd collected the work, completed the paperwork and mailed three packages off to NZQA in Wellington (yes, okay Dionne, technically YOU mailed it off).

So this article from Mark McCartney about how to do the most work in the shortest time hit a chord.

His top tips:

  • Disappear (see my previous post)
  • Don't fight distraction (short bursts of focused work)
  • Simplify (less is more)
  • Find your rhythm (I arrive at school an hour early and do a couple of jobs, rather than spend a wasted hour after school)
  • Strengthen (get better at what you're good at)
  • Watch the robots (be effective, rather than efficient)
  • Be honest

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