Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Into the abyss by pushing forwards (The Jam)

I was watching the TV One news tonight (A.K.A The John Key Show - our Prime Minister seems to command a huge number of stories) and almost choked on my dinner.

John Key being interviewed for the umpteenth story used the phrase 'binary choice', as in - the situation required a yes or no answer.


I thought aboutTim Philips in Talk Normal when he says that jargon is used to exclude us and cover lies...to create a cult like atmosphere.

I've not considered politicans to be a cult before, but it seems an appropriate label if a politician like Key uses a phrase like 'binary choice' as if it is part of normal, everyday speech.

Who is he talking to on a daily basis that he should utter such a thing?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm a thousand miles from nowhere (Dwight Yoakam)

The Lead Adviser chaps and chapettes I worked with in the Middle East gave me a book as a going away present. Talk Normal by Tim Phillips is subtitled 'stop the business speak, jargon and waffle'.

Waiting on Waiheke Island in Auckland for the China adventure to begin has given me a chance to catch up on my reading.

My friends weren't taking the piss, but giving me a book they knew I'd agree with.

Sure enough the stance taken by Phillips is to rid the world of weasel words that get in the way of mass communication. For instance - problems are no longer called that, they are issues, challenges or (even worse) opportunities.

My time as an education consultant exposed me to a different level of jargon and weasel words. I got heartily sick of hearing that I worked in a challenging environment!

I read Tim's chapter on 'How HR ruined your life' with a smile on my face.

He's right - HR is full of fake-happy gibberish. From personnel managers to talent co-ordinators in under three moves! When applying for a job we must be onboard with being passionate role players.and so on into oblivion.

I wish I could say that the aviation world was any better than education but, if anything, it's worse. How will I cope?