Monday, May 14, 2018

Let's get excited, we just can't hide it (The Pointer Sisters)

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash
Volunteering to lead innovative initiatives is a good thing to do. A virtuous thing. 

Throughout my career, from time to time, I have found myself as a committed champion for innovations that excite me, and so, I wasn't surprised when I found myself doing it again last week.

As the blogosphere is well aware, I am a true believer in Self-Directed Learning (SDL), and so I volunteered to co-ordinate a group of dedicated doers looking into the current state of SDL in our Westmount campuses and wondering where we can go from here to improve things.

What was that? Oh, you're welcome!

What did I do and what should I do next?

My first move was to send a link to this very blog to my devotees...admirers? Would you believe fanatical supporters? 

Coincidentally a recent post tackled the 'how do I improve SDL' conundrum. My aim is to use it with those dedicated doers as a pulse-taking activity.

And so to the 'what next?' bit.

Well that centres on my dedicated doers. 

I'm Mr Excited by the idea of strengthening SDL and at this stage I need my dedicated doers to share that feeling. 

Does that idea really generate enthusiasm in them?

I'll get a greater sense of that over the next week or so. I have yet to receive any responses from my initial email but I'm also a firm believer in relentless positivity. 

Maybe I need to frame it differently; I'm hoping no one starts talking about how busy they are, I would hate it to die the death of a thousand cuts.

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