Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ABC is easy (The Jackson 5)

I've continued to be involved in presentations to two distinct groups of Qatari leaders. On Mondays I join a fellow Kiwi (Andrea) to present an Accredited Leaders' programme to 90 leaders, on Wednesdays it's a different group of about 60 doing a Diploma course (these leaders have previously completed the Accredited programme). Our leader is Aussie Ian. Go you good thing!

Each group has a very different feel - they are committed to the reforms and serious about their studies. They are very conscientious and want the best out of themselves for the benefit of Qatar. I am slowly getting to know them and relax a little into the role of professional development facilitator to this university standard course material. It has certainly opened my eyes up to current research again after a few years of being a school Principal.

I have harboured an ambition of doing a doctorate for many years. Indeed shortly after I finished at Auckland University in 1982 I began considering it. 'Harboured' is the right verb too - it feels a bit like a ship that's been at anchor for many years now. It's a sheltered cove with NZ bush coming down to the waterline, jagged rocks and mostly calm waters.

On my return to NZ (whenever that is) I intend to again explore the possibility of further study at Massey or, ideally, either Victoria or Auckland University. I'd love to be doing some study while my eldest son Keegan does his masters or daughters Samantha/Jade do their undergraduate work. We shall see (inshallah).

I've heard via the grapevine that my old job (Principal of Stratford High School) has gone to one of my former Deputy Principals. I wish him well! Being a Principal is a tough job that the acting Principal role doesn't really prepare you for. The Principals in Qatar face the same scrutiny and workload demands but in contrast they also have a large degree of uncertainty about their tenure. I take my hat off to anyone who takes on the role. I'm certainly enjoying helping the Qatari leaders who have that as an aspiration or who are new to the job. It's a great challenge but a very worthwhile one.