Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Down the timeless gorge of changes (Neil Young)

I have been slack with this blog. Ana aasef (sorry). I thought maybe visitors were no longer checking this blog out but I was wrong!

To make up for the lack of posts here are some images of life around school. I have been taking thousands of pictures for various evidence files but have not thought to load them onto the blog.

Nevermind - here's a bit of a selection to kick start us back into action:

A treat for the students each trimester is a trip to a fun park in Al Ain. They can relax the uniform a bit for the day and Shaban (one of the Arabic teachers on the left) looks happy to join them on the bus.

One of the action groups I've set up to consider the Gifted and Talented students. It's a cross section of curriculum heads, the social workers (their term for guidance councilors), the school nurse (Chardi is on the right) and school admin. Next to me is my translator - Hicham.

Four of the five Arabic teachers listening to some PD: Abdulla; Abdulazzim; Shaban; Farraj. Salem was absent.

We have many social events involving the school staff. This one was held on Salem's farm in Oman. It's a men only affair. Here is the preparation of the BBQ and then the communal meal. Salem is on the left.