Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March newsletter

Tena koutou katoa

The school year has begun in earnest with its usual mixture of challenge, promise and endeavour. We are just entering March but already this year the Y9 students have visited TOPEC; the Y13 students have had an extremely successful camp at Vertical Horizons; the swimming and athletic sports have been held; relay for life is just around the corner for students and staff; the senior leaders, House leaders and school councillors have been chosen; Taranaki Secondary School Sports events have begun with touch and beach volleyball. In addition to these events I have seen settled classes gaining NCEA credits amid concentrated teaching and learning. This is an exciting school where possibilities are realised and dreams are begun – all students have to do is simply join in.

Congratulations to our seven senior leaders for 2009 – Head students Kasey Gavin and Andrew Single ; sports captains Lyle Crudis and Ava Swan: Arts and Culture captain Nicola Duthie and the Chairperson of the Student Council Hannah Walker. We also welcome back to the team Lyteschar Drewery (the Board of Trustees rep from 2008).

The Y13 group is a particularly strong one this year and so a number of excellent candidates were not able to become one of the seven. There are many other outlets for leadership within the school and I encourage all Y13 students to lead in their form groups, in their Houses, in sports teams and in cultural events.

Thank you to families who have requested special leave in advance for students to be absent from school. If you wish to make such a request please make a written application. I will respond and if approved, include details of our catch up programme so that students can maintain their learning.

Warren Purdy