Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dear friend, what's the time? (Paul McCartney)

Photo by Dickens Sikazwe on Unsplash
A truism that is often repeated: only other principals know what the job feels like.

I've heard it a lot, most recently during a terrific two day leadership development event ('symposium' sounds too grand, 'thing' too blase). And I've said it myself. Many times.

But. What does it mean? Does it hold up?

To me, it's a version of 'before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes'. In effect, it is saying - understanding of some one's experiences, challenges, thought processes, can only happen if you can really empathise with their situation.

In our case - other Principals.

Being a school Principal is a unique form of isolation, stemming from a unique challenge - to be part of a team (or series of teams), yet also be a leader and a manager of people and things. 

Over the years, my mentors and sounding boards have been (and continue to be), other Principals. 

Shout out to you all around the world and in the blogosphere!

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