Saturday, June 18, 2016

I need you like the flower needs the rain (America)

Ten things I need from a team

Loved this article on quantum team management written by James Everingham, Head of Engineering at Instagram, recently.

It boiled down to addressing managers' proclivities, or 'common motivations', that include: thinking your idea is the best; not trusting your people; or thinking you’re not doing your job unless you’re weighing in all the time.

James suggests a different set of instincts.
He says an effective quantum manager will do everything in their power to organize teams strategically and then step back.

Seems simple and, er, obvious but it's staggering how many times this advice is not followed. 

All this made me reflect on ten things that I need when being part of a team. Not so much wants, NEEDS. Must haves. Non-negotiables. Deal breakers, if you will. 

Got it?

I wrote quickly in one sitting, so the list may evolve over time but this is my current snapshot:
  1. I need to be part of a team
  2. I need to be consulted and
  3. I need collaboration
  4. I need to feel the integrity of others
  5. I don't need things imposed on me and
  6. I aim to not impose things on others
  7. I don't like feeling powerless
  8. I need to feel needed
  9. I need new challenges
  10. I need to work in high trust models
Just sayin'.

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