Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Art for art's sake (10cc)

I buy a mochaccino from Bay Espresso each day. It's delish, too. Recently, the girl who serves me asked what I teach at Woodford House. Very proudly, I said, English.

I've been its Head of English since 2013, but my first Head of Department position was way back in my fourth year of teaching in 1986, at Waimea College in Nelson.

'English', as a subject, is very different to what it was like in the 1980's. 

Art and graphic design are an integral part now, under the guise of  creating and analysing visual text.

The field has been blown wide open. Students can do anything - they are only limited by their imagination.

The possibilities are endless:
  • a static image sequence 
  • a graphic story/illustrated text 
  • a filmed sequence/scene 
  • a display  
  • a digital essay 
  • a pod-cast or online text, such as a web site or screen cast.
  • Or....whatever you're thinking right now!


All of this is GRRRREART from my point of view. Not only does it give scope for a HUGE variety of things while it improves visual literacy, it's also HUGE fun, and,  it's good for you!

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