Monday, November 2, 2020

I should have known, should have known, how everything is coming up roses (Black)

Currently, the focus at school has shifted a little to prepare for our upcoming ERO visits to my two campuses in Gisborne and Hastings.

Images from The Hotel Inspector episode of Fawlty Towers are never far away when I prepare for inspections. 

It's ripe for comic confusion as attempts to be seen in a true light are made.

Checklists and a vague nervousness akin to when I was observed by senior leaders as a young teacher are the order of the day. It's difficult to shake that feeling.

My favourite inspection was actually when I was a young teacher at Macleans College back in the late eighties. Turned out my ERO visitor was my former tutor at Training College - Ron Martin.

A few minutes after walking into my English classroom he took over the lesson. It was great! As he said to me afterwards, he can tell within 30 seconds how things are in the room and so he decided to join in the fun.

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