Monday, February 13, 2017

Short people are just the same as you and I (Randy Newman)

I'm loving the chance to go into our youngest students' class rooms. 

After getting my 'Good morning Mr Purdy' sing song greeting I look and learn.

It's quieter and a lot more deliberate and ordered in there - something that I am not used to because secondary class rooms are much more independently minded. As in teenagers have a different disposition to pre teens.

I'm a sucker for Year 3's especially - sitting on the floor surrounding the teacher (the students - not me silly). So keen to learn, so keen to impress, so keen to engage. 

There's a lot of instinct going on in these Year 3 to Year 6 classrooms. Learning processes are visible. I can see what they are thinking.

They are instantly processing options. Instinctively doing the things that Dan Rockwell writes about in his post on 10 heart-based questions that produce the very best decisions (not your snappiest title, Dan).

Here are his ten questions:
  1. What does courage/confidence tell you to do?
  2. What does humility tell you to do?
  3. What does integrity/honesty/openness tell you to do?
  4. What does flexibility/agility tell you to do?
  5. What does perseverance tell you to do?
  6. What does compassion/kindness tell you to do?
  7. What does decisiveness tell you to do?
  8. What does respect for others tell you to do?
  9. What does passion tell you to do?
  10. What does seeking the best interests of others tell you to do?
We could all learn a lot from that class of Year 3's I watched today. They instantly asked and answered these sophisticated questions without over-thinking things. 

It was a joy to behold!


Unknown said...

Looks like you are having an amazing time, we are missing you here at Woodford :)

Wozza said...

MIQUELA!!! Hope the year is kind to you and all the other super cool kids heading into Year 11 at Woodford. Thanks for the thought - much appreciated!