Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's all an unfinished film (Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

Here's an excerpt from my latest newsletter article:
As a famous saying goes, ‘Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like an apple’. With the first full week, we suddenly feel like the year has started in earnest. Time is flying by! 
This week, in extended vertical form classes and in the junior school, students have been engaged in establishing their learning goals and personal goals for the year. It is our aim that these goals will be monitored regularly in the extended form class time.  
While I was standing in for Mrs Read in her form class, I also wrote my own goals for these two areas.  
My learning goal is to read at least 50 books this year and my personal goal is do more forward planning with my own writing so that my writing can improve with more frequent editing.

Just like the students, to successfully reach my goals I will need to be quite self-disciplined, avoid some long standing distractions, manage my time well and be reminded of my goal regularly.  
I will need my students in Mrs Read’s vertical form to keep me honest. I aim to keep them honest with their goals as well.
So far so good - starting with books I brought back from our Christmas holiday, it's one book down (Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Pictures of the Gone World).

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