Monday, February 27, 2017

Livin' in a home in the heart of the country (Paul McCartney)

Yesterday, as one of my senior students got out of a school van, I couldn't help notice that he was carrying a small chilly bin. I made a quip about - that's a big lunch!

He opened up the lid and showed me the contents - ripe fat juicy blackberries. I guessed he and his family had collected them on the weekend. I supposed he was bringing them in to share with his classmates.

He asked if I wanted some and I laughed and said - bit early for me, but if you have a few left at the end of the day, sure. I'd love some.

I didn't think anything else of it until after school. As he went to get back on board a school van he mentioned that he'd left some for me in my office.

He wasn't kidding - and the 'some' turned out to be rather a lot!

I have just enjoyed some on my breakfast and look forward to eating the rest in a pie tonight!

Why am I telling you this?

Well, the generosity of spirit impressed me greatly, for one thing. 

This wasn't like an end of year type gift from a student whom I'd taught, this was hard earned (blackberry picking is fun but time consuming and the prickles hurt) and given spontaneously.

If he hadn't left them I would never have given it a second thought, but he'd obviously remembered the earlier conversation and thought about things enough to leave them for me.

I really appreciated the realness and sincerity of the gift and, bonus, they were delicious!

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