Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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The joy of reading!

I've always loved to read stuff (comics, books, magazines, newspapers mainly)

It came as a bit of a shock to read a blogpost recently about how teachers kill the joy of reading and find out I may be guilty of this crime.

The blogger (Mark Barnes) highlighted 6 ways we kill reading.

Here they are:

1 Clinging to the classroom novel - it eliminates choice. Guilty!
2 The don't-read-ahead directive. Mark -  why would a teacher ever tell a child to stop reading–especially when he chooses to do so outside of class? Not Guilty!
3 Telling kids what they can't read (as I said - comics, graphic novels - whatever gets you going - it's alright with me - so Not Guilty!
4 Not reading in class daily. Mark - Readers read daily; it’s this simple. Guilty!
5 Assigning worksheets and book reports. Mmm himm - Guilty!
6 Not celebrating the joy of reading. Not in an overt way so - Guilty again.

That makes four out of six guilty verdicts. 

According to Mark I'm killing the joy of reading. I need to stop because I love reading.

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