Monday, February 2, 2015

I was a teenage malt shop (Captain Beefheart/ Frank Zappa)

Dr Ian Hunter in Imagine directs his readers to: 
develop a greater awareness of the time, taste, fashion, and context in which you exist. A deeper sympathy toward these aspects of the world can only aid you in the work of innovation.
I've always aimed to be aware of these things. I like pulp culture and I like to know what's going on generally in the world of music, art, literature, film and such.

My Walrus Gumboot online newspaper links directly to news and current happenings in education and elsewhere that I follow on Twitter.

Feel free to go to this link to subscribe - it updates daily:

I am becoming quite dependent on Walrus Gumboot (comes from the Beatles' song Come Together which is also my ring tone!). Pulp culture is no longer as homogeneous as it once was.

Music has splintered into myriad forms and sub genres. Once upon a time you could buy a music magazine like Sounds or Melody Maker and it would cover music in all its popular rock forms. Now (apart from Mojo Magazine) you can buy specialties like Blues, Prog, AOR, Classic Rock, Kerrang!, Hit Parader, Metal Hammer, Uncut, Q and so on. Each looks at a musical niche.

A look at The Guardian's music pages online reveals that another narrow form of Indie/urban musical bands featured regularly.

It's become tougher to keep track of 'the context in which you exist'.

So - if I want to know what is currently happening in the pulp culture context of 2015 generally, I check out (plug plug) Walrus Gumboot.

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