Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ah - sweet sensation (Midnight Oil)

I'm super amped at the moment. 

A social studies teacher at school is beginning her unit on THE SIXTIES. During her unit she gets the students to think about interviewing someone who was around in the sixties. Makes sense. I'm one of the people she suggested the students could talk to.

But that's not why I am AMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She told me about the following conversation:  

When she mentioned me she asked the students - what is Mr Purdy passionate about?

And do you know what their FIRST answer was?

Teaching!...T E A C H I N G !!!!!!

Oh my giddy aunt - what a moment. I can die happy.

Their next two answers were ALMOST as cool - music and football.

They get me, they really get me.


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