Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Since you've been gone (Rainbow)

If Self-Directed Learning is the answer, what was the problem?

This was the big poser from Teacher Academy's induction course last week.

The bottom row of beautifully hand crafted red boxes (above) was our group's response.

It says the problem was:

  • Teacher led lessons and approaches were the norm  
  • Students needed to have more focused targets and goals
  • Students were leaving school and entering the business world with a limited range of life learning soft skills 
  • The detrimental effects of an industrial teaching and learning model 

Because of those four things - something had to change and Self-Directed Learning (SDL) was the vehicle needed to make that change.

The yellow boxes sitting on top of the problem indicate what SDL brings to the party. 

The little Lego figure is our OneSchool Global student with her/his eureka moment.

Ta Dar!!

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jim34 said...

Nice work Warren. Thanks for the share and picture. Whats the next steps from here for your staff team?