Monday, October 1, 2018

Let's go cruisin', that's all I wanna to do - cruisin' in my automobile (Jefferson Starship)

Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash
As I enter my 62nd year on the third rock from the sun, you find me in Warwick.

More specifically, at an induction course for OneSchool Global's UK branch (currently called Focus).

Last night, in the bar, I opened up The Guardian and gasped as I saw the obit for Marty Balin - sometime vocalist and writer for Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship (he was a classy guy so he avoided the jump to Starship).

Yes, I gasped and let out an, "Oh No". Marty was only 76. 

Today his music, some of the best music of my youth, will be cruising around my head as I participate in my induction (thankfully not called 'onboarding' from what I've seen of the literature so far).

Thanks again Marty (and Paul Kantner who passed away in 2016).

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