Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We could be lifted from the shadows, lifted (Lighthouse Family)

I bookmark alotta stuff! 

Generally, from to time I dip into my bookmarks to get some inspiration for posts. Invariably, I go to the end and think about the last thing I bookmarked.

In this case it was a list of '20 signs you're actually making a difference as a teacher'.

So how many will I get? And you?

1. Your students are asking questions, not just giving answers. TICK! My students ask me a billion questions, every day!

2. You have used your authoritative role for inspiration, not intimidation. TICK! My intimidation days are long gone.

3. You have listened as often as you have lectured. Another lesson in authority. Hey - this is going well...TICK! I'm a good listener.

4. Your shy students start participating more often without being prompted. TICK again. The climate in my school helps here as well. Credit where it's due!

5. A student you’ve encouraged creates something new with her talents. This is getting slightly embarrassing...TICK.

6. You’ve been told by a student that, because of something you showed them, they enjoy learning outside of class. Okay - back to Planet Earth now - no, I can't think of an instance of this.

7. You’ve made your students laugh. Hahahaha - all the time! TICK!

8. You’ve tried new things. Yes, TICK!

9. You’ve improvised. See 7! TICK!

10. Your student asks you for a letter of reference. Yes - too many of them! TICK!

11. You have taken a personal interest in your students. Inevitable that you warm to some students more than others. Some students make this easy, others don't care. A few don't want it (that's fleek). TICK!

12. You’ve let your passions show through in your lessons. Ha - see 7 again, TICK!

13. You’ve made students understand the personal relevance of what they’re learning. Yes - every lesson has this as an aim. TICK!

14. You have cared–and shown that you cared. Big TICK!

15. You have helped a student choose a career. Much more so when I taught media studies. Hasn't happened at my current school. So...a small half tick.

16. One of your students becomes an educator. Same answer as 15. Another small half tick.

17. A parent approaches you with kind words. Phew, Yes - big TICK! Back on track.

18. Your students visit you when they don’t have to. Yes - in person this year (first time while I've been at Woodford House) and on Facebook (students from other schools). TICK!

19. You can be a mentor when you need to be. TICK!

20. You practice strength and patience. Every day! Huge TICK! 

Hey - that's pretty good! 18 ticks out of 20. Nice!!

How did you do?

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