Thursday, October 6, 2016

Oh, do it. Oh, do it. Do it. Do the hustle, do the hustle (Van McCoy)

Uh oh. The holidays, the fun and games, the beer and skittles, are coming, quickly, to an end.

Seth Godin is a wise man. Recently, I bookmarked a post of his about signals. It's worth a read.

You know signals, right? let George enlighten you:

So, this post is about signals.

Here's a rough list of the current signals I'm picking up right now, as we speak:

  • Spring is here - I've broken out the jandals (flip flops or thongs if you're an alien) and put the shade sails up
  • I've had one (single) message from a parent (about a student) needing her (the student) to get stuck in next term
  • I've NOT had any Schoology messages from any of my students about any stuff they've been working on during the study break

Okay - according to Seth - What we choose to do (and what we choose not to do) turns into a signal to the people around us.

What do I take from my three signals? Worrying signs. That's what. Apart from the jandals and the shade sails. Those are good signals. Apart from them. The other ones. Well, not the parent one either, actually. That's another good one. He cares. No it's not them. It's the students and their lack of connectiveness and sense of urgency to their situation. That's the worrying sign.

The external examinations are coming people!!!

Let's hustle!

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