Thursday, January 14, 2016

We can be Heroes, for ever and ever. What d'you say? (David Bowie)

Only a few more weeks of holiday remaining! 

But let's not dwell, let's luxuriate in some fine writing and analysis.

Here we go...

1 Three cutting edge schools
A look at three schools doing great innovative things. Every school is different but you can always pick up new ideas right?

2 Hollywood
This article details the Bechdel test for films - it measure how male directors and female directors treat females in their films. It's a fascinating area and data rich but that's not why I'm including it on my education blog. Oh no. 

Why then? Because it forces us to analyse the types of movies we show our students and the subtle and not so subtle messages they give our male and female students. We may not like what we find!

3 School Culture
I love studying school cultures - the peculiar way things are done about your school. This article subtitled 'school culture rewired' highlights a new book by Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker.

I'm a fan of Whitaker's work so I'll need to track down a copy.

4 Lesson planning
Given our experience with blended and personalised learning within an inquiry model, this article examining 'the problem with lesson planning' seems apposite. It's written from a UK perspective and the call for freeing up the timetable is always worth reading about!

5 Radical visions
Finally, this mind/shift article looks at a radical vision for new schools. Cool. I love mind/shifts!

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