Sunday, January 10, 2016

And I whip, my loving arms around you (Rita Coolidge)

I notice that stores in Nu Zild are starting their back to school deals which is a pain - coz I'm still firmly on holiday mode in Norf Lundin.

But still - Baggy Trewsers requires a part of my brain to remain on school alert so it shouldn't be too bad getting back to school in February.

Here's my next five bookmarked goodie bag items for y'all:

1 Eleven Websites to help you get smart
What a great title - hooked me!

2 Why are plurals so different in English
The English teacher in me loved this.

3 Ten must read books for teachers
Again - I'm a sucker for these lists. I can sift through the recommendations at my leisure. These books are the mini reviews all looked pretty awesome!

4 Cram
One for bookmarking for use later - this is like studyit - a site for creating study aids like flash cards.

5 Meet the school where the students call the shots
I'm wary of this kind of thing. I love student voice but...all things in moderation! 

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