Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Oh is there concrete all around or is it in my head (Mott The Hoople)

1 Meetings
I have a thing about meetings - mainly an aversion. Leadership Freak seems to share my feelings, although I like his always positive initiatives to improve the experience. If we must have them then the powers that be should read this.

2 Curiosity
Another of our thrusts in English classes last year and this has been to build upon students' curiosity. Another Leadership Freak article that hits the right spot.

3 Professional development
I've been involved in various forms of PD during my teaching career (now into its thirty third year). Good to read this article by well known educational thinker/writer Mike Schmoker about restructuring PD to make it (more) powerful.

4 Quill
A colleague alerted me to this - a tool to help students be better writers - a great site that I aim to use in 2016.

5 Quill part 2
This article is a companion piece that delves into Quill's use as an 'accelerator'.

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