Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yeoo, standin' at the crossroad, tried to flag a ride (Robert Johnson)

This is apposite to my last posting about binary decision making. Who else but the wonderful Seth Godin. He just gets it.
No judgment, no responsibility.
No responsibility, no risk. 
There's a fork in the road. If you seek out roles without responsibility, you might just find a sinecure.

This is the hot job for undifferentiated job seekers at the placement office, the job where a famous company will tell you what to do all day. 
Alas, those are the jobs that will be deleted first. The jobs that come with little in the way of respect or stability. These are the jobs that big companies automate whenever they can, or create enough rules to avoid any variation if they can't. 
The other choice is a job loaded with judgment calls. One where it's extremely likely you'll make a decision you regret, and get blamed for it. One where you take responsibility instead of waiting for authority 
It turns out that those are the best jobs of all.

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