Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Visions of paradise in cloudless skies I see. Rainbows on the hill, blue onyx on the sea. Come see (The Moody Blues)

Time and Space (maan).

Both elements are fundamental components of school life and both are under seige in education.

Being stretched thin and doing a lot of stuff quickly is not how I operate best. 

New thinking leading to new ways is only possible if time and space is generously applied.

Otherwise the status quo and old ways remain in place.

Andrew Douch is a case in point. Given time and space by his Principal, he was able to radicalise his teaching and vastly improve how he went about things, leading towards uncharted territories for teaching biology and uncalculated influence on his students and education as a whole.

Time and space.

It takes some bravery, some David Bowie like vision and experimentation, and a whole lotta resolve...

...but the rewards are immense.

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