Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Emergent (Jakob)

According to Kate Bratskeir - One of the habits of supremely happy people is our love of music.

She's right! Music is a powerful mood shaper.

She reports that 'over a three month period, researchers from the Group Health Research Institute found that patients who simply listened to music had the same decreased anxiety symptoms as those who got 10 hour-long massages'. [Click here for a few of Kate's favorite mood-boosting jams].

For some reason heavy instrumental drone music like Isis, Pelican and, (thanks to colleague Jo McDowell), Nu Zild's own Jakob always put me in a positive mood.

I was recently in New Plymouth for a family celebration and, of course, I stopped off at Vinyl Countdown. Lo and behold, they had a vinyl copy of Jakob's rare Sine album. Score!

I'm listening to it now and, although it's doomy drone metal, I find it incredibly uplifting!!

It's a great day outside - the sun is shining, birds are singing, there's a gentle breeze. I have a Coke Life in my hand, a new Jack Reacher on the go.

I am on holiday, packing up my vinyl and music collection in preparation for the trip up north in January. 

I'm a shiny happy person!

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