Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Advice for the young at heart (Tears For Fears)

Distractions can come in all shapes and sizes.

I get distracted very easily.

This week I've been distracted by a new laptop (with a bigger screen) and getting it looking like I want it to - including making adjustments to my blogs.

Amidst all those distractions I did manage to find these gems for you (you're welcome):

1 The interweb is a huge distraction
And it's making us dumber!

2 Ways to beat distraction
Yes - really. Want the energy and ability to stay focused? Read this! Exhausting but fun!

3 Now - keep your students engaged
Okay - once you are zen calm and focused you can help your students stay engaged.

4 Bad behaviour
Distractions can lead to anger and anger can lead to hate (apologies to Yoda). This article provides food for thought on the stuff behind that bad behaviour you're coping with in the classroom.

5 Just saying
Love this Edutopia list of things we should NEVER say in a classroom. Been guilty of a few of these in my younger, less emotionally intelligent years.

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