Thursday, September 17, 2015

Newspaper taxis appear on the shore (The Beatles)

Here are the next 5:

1 Multiple Intelligences

This one is from the mighty Edutopia people. It's a self assessment tool that I researched and used for my Homeroom mentors. 

I have my doubts about this as a thing but there is no denying how much fun these kinds of tools can be.

2 Bill Gates

A youtube clip of Bill extolling the virtues of online learning.

3 Newspaper clippings
The image at the top of the page was created by this nifty little newspaper generator. Confession time: I didn't delete this bookmark! Cos - it's rilly cool!

4 Teacher speak

This one is quite a cool dictionary of terms that 21st century teachers use. That may not sound terribly amazingly cool for cats but trust me - we are so keen to use jargon in education that we all forget what things actually mean from time to time. This site gives succinct run downs on the terms and language we use.

5 Snip

Not Snipping Tool - which is also awesome (thanks Toni for introducing me that) but Snip. This one allows teachers annotate and do all sorts of cool stuff (we are a simple bunch really - this sort of thing REALLY excites us).

BTW - this is another one I won't be deleting!

And that's it till next time.

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