Sunday, September 13, 2015

Girls on fire, boys on fire, It's out of control (Jefferson Starship)

Help! My educational bookmarks are getting OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!

In an effort to wrestle a semblance of order from the chaos (you really have no idea) I have decided to list some of these and dispense with them over a few posts (and delete them from my bookmarks as I go).

Sorry to do this to you but I see no other way around it.

Awriight - strap in, here we go...

1 The curious incident of the novel chosen for study
This one is pretty funny - a study which indicates that NZ English teachers have no consensus about the novels that should be used!
Teachers have widely differing views about the appropriateness of various novels and the year level at which particular titles should be studied, which has lead to inconsistencies and inequity in the types and difficulty of novels studied in schools across New Zealand.
Genius - as if NZ teachers, better than that - ENGLISH TEACHERS - would ever agree on one text that everybody would use. Amazing.

Why students should take the lead in learning conferences
Mind/shift are responsible for a lot of my problem - they have such great articles! Here's one about, um - just read the title again...

3 Jigsaw
I like the jigsaw (cooperative learning technique) technique. I bookmarked this article to remind myself why.

4 Another mind/shift
This article is one I think I may have used in a post on inquiry learning. Some great video articles with American students.

5 Habits of mind
I bookmarked this from the Art Costa centre on the 16 habits of mind because I needed to attach the habits to pastoral care learning sessions.

I'm not sold on this, however. Why am I suspicious? I don't really know. I guess it feels a little new agey to me, putting these kinds of labels of things.

...and that will do it for this edition. Don't worry - I have more (a LOT more).

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