Wednesday, August 12, 2015

You've got to go slow below the surface (Dan Fogelberg)

My posting schedule was put out of whack because of a Year 12 camp to Tongariro National Park.

We normally do the Tongariro crossing at this time each year with the Year 12's but avalanche warnings meant we did the traverse from the Desert Road to the Chateaux instead. A hike of about 20k. Took us 10 hours. 


Then we skied the next day - I know - what a life eh!

I love school camps. I really do.

What other job is out there that gives you the opportunity to do sideline outdoorsy stuff like caving, black water rafting, abseiling, canyoning, skiing and adventure tramps? Amazing. And the scenery is out of this world.

Here are the views from my classroom for two days:


So, anyway - we're back and so is the blogging schedule!

More photos later in the week on Wozza's Place...

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