Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The pleasure is to play, it makes no difference what you say (Motorhead)

Do you know about the one minute test ? Didn't think so. Warning: good idea ahead!

Before reading that Medium post (loving Medium btw) I was also ignorant of this little gem of a concept. The idea is simple (aren't they always): ask meeting participants to write their responses to these three questions in one minute at the end:
  1. What was the big idea? (What was the most important thing you heard at the meeting?)
  2. What was your big surprise? (What was the thing you saw or heard that surprised you the most?)
  3. What’s your big question? (What’s the biggest unanswered question you have at this time?)
I've adapted this idea for my class room practice. So - for a poem for instance, after a close analysis I asked my students to report back on each of those three questions. 

After a lesson on Unfamiliar Texts - a quick one minute written answer to those three questions.

The end of a meeting is the only time I haven't used it yet - purely because I don't chair any of the meetings I'm involved in. Certainly, though, I can see how it's a powerful strategy.

Do try it!

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