Friday, May 1, 2015

Lifted up to new horizons (Lighthouse Family)

Just read this about blogging (thanks Toni for the link):

Blogging gives us the opportunity to share the truth, our truth—to expose the intricacies of our days with students, the joy we share, the care we give, and the love we spread all come to life when we allow our words to flow from our souls for the world to read. We connect with others, forming networks built on passion for education and a commitment to what is right for students and teachers. And most importantly, we learn more about ourselves.
Writing forces us to stare deeply into a mirror, oftentimes one that is looking back with bias, and explore our truth. The power in writing comes not from the product but the process; writing assists us in learning things about ourselves we didn’t know. In short, it helps us uncover, dissect, and learn the truth...our truth.

I quite agree! I'm a happy blogger, that's fer sure.

Here's some of my truth: teaching makes me happy, keeps me laughing. I sometimes feel a little guilty about how much fun I'm having. I find our staff room a mostly joyous place - loads of laughs, good natured banter, self deprecating humour. My class room is the same - fun times!

It's winter sports code time at school - I have a Year 13 football team this year. I can't recall the last time I laughed/smiled so much while refereeing a football game as I did last Wednesday afternoon. We played a local team and every girl (on both sides) was smiling, laughing, supporting, teasing, cheering each other on. Wonderful!

What a great thing to be able to say - I love my life!

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