Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Boston bean, soy bean, Lima bean, string bean. You know that I'm not keen for a bean unless it is a cheery coffee bean (The Ink Spots)


Many in NZ have adopted the brace position for the predicted deluge of Covid omicrom variant patients to come. I just can't though.

I noticed on some minutes from my local Principal group a list of what each school was doing to prepare for the mass staff and student absenteeism that is predicted. There were probably a dozen schools on the list.

Each one was different. Not just slightly different. Vastly different.

No one has the answer. We're all flayling away.

The mask wearing is a constant battle with students and, well, basically, to cut to the chase, I think the sooner we all get covid and it retreats to the status of the seasonal flu the better.

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