Wednesday, May 5, 2021

It's motivation baby, tell me what you thinking, I'mma give it motivation. Yeah uh yeah, it's motivation (JTM)

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

My Teacher Inquiry was revisited today (looking at the motivation of students) for the first time for a while.

Happily, I made some progress by reading three Edutopia articles and starting my student questionnaire via Survey Monkey.

First, of course, I had to join Survey Monkey - that took time, what with filling in profiles, verifying emails and what not. And sort of dented my motivation a tad.

Once that was all done, I started populating a survey. I have dozens of questions to pose but now I need to sift through them and edit/prioritise them somewhat.

In between doing this I became a little distracted by emails pinging (it's so hard to avoid reading the snippet that pops up for a second in the right bottom corner of the screen and fatal if you click on it), taking a couple of phone calls, locking up the school, and seeing staff who needed to discuss tomorrow's relief with me.

It's tough keeping on track sometimes.

My next challenge to overcome is to eek out some more time to continue the process. I have the motivation, but the habit has not embedded itself yet.

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