Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Now, is, be here now (George Harrison)


Motivation is a big part of our lives and our jobs (there is a link isn't there).

Whenever I feel truly valued, I feel that my skills are appreciated and that there is a force pushing my thinking on where I could go.

The best Principal/mentor I've known (Colin Prentice) always found the balance of appreciating me, giving me his time but asking me questions and pushing my thinking on where I could go. Combined that would give me the feeling that I was on the right path, but I had work to do.

I once met with him at Mt Roskill Grammar after he'd left Macleans. He had an appointment coming up and had to get to some embassy, so he was checking the clock in his office during my meeting with him. But somehow I went away from that meeting feeling like I'd had his complete attention and was energised with possibilities. 

He was right in the moment. At all times. A rare thing.

Giving students that same undivided attention is a difficult, but worthwhile pursuit.

It's difficult because there are many clambering for attention, all the time. But it's doable. If you have the attitude.

Now, is.

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