Monday, May 18, 2020

You stay on your side and I'll stay on mine, you take what you want and I'll take the sunshine (America)

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Online vs onsite learning? Or a combo?

When I checked with my students during lockdown, they were happy with the work from home/online version - for a lot of them they preferred the convenience of home (proximity to the fridge was often mentioned) and found themselves working harder and in a much less distracting environment. 

These students are used to online learning - we use Zoom a lot for senior classes.

Most of the staff also enjoyed the experience and were happy to WFH when given a choice.

Seems students who were not initially used to learning via Zoom were much happier to return to school. 

Larry Ferlazzo's piece reports on this. Here's one of his students:
My home is not a learning environment like at school, where there are teachers, other students, learning tools, desks/tables, chairs, a library, lots of space, and those who you can get support from. At home is like a sleeping or resting environment. In a classroom, I can focus more on my assignments/work and get engaged in the subject. Whenever I'm in a classroom, I feel prepared to learn and get my brain pumped; at home, I feel like it's very hard to be prepared because I'm always getting distracted. Whenever I need help, my teachers or classmates are there for me. When I have a question at home, I have to wait for a response. 
I do have to say that whenever I'm at school, I always feel nervous in class. Now that I'm at home learning, I don't feel nervous. From my online learning experience right now, I would not choose more online learning in the future because in a school, a classroom is a learning environment. Also, I feel like it's easier to communicate with my classmates/groups for projects, teachers, counselors, and principal. Learning at a school is best for me.

For what it's worth I agree.

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