Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I never know what time of year it is living on top of the fire, but the robin outside has to hunt and hide in the cold frosty shire (Roy Harper)

Right now, it's all about work stations at home, right?

Above pics show mine.

Many thoughtful decisions influenced my choice of Abbey Road 4, a.k.a. The Vault, as the location for my work from home regime.

First of all, I needed a view for a positive impact on my mental health (in this case it meant watching the rabbits queuing up outside my window during a staff zoom), and natural light is important and AR4 has a skylight as well as the window.

I decided I'd rather not be inside the house (that's Jacky's sphere of influence) - AR4 is in some outside buildings, and, as you can tell from the décor, it's all mine (mine I tell you!!).

Proximity to the kitchen was a consideration. AR4 is perfect - close but not too close.

Access to music: I struggle to work without music. As you can see my records and CDs are within easy reach. Crucial.

All up, I'm happy with my location. How about you and yours? Anything need changing?

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