Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Big man, pig man - haha, charade you are (Pink Floyd)

Being back in the classroom is tremendous fun!

Today's lesson with my Year 9 English class started off with a slight growl about some immature behaviour. That settled things down and I was able to launch into a great activity that the students embraced whole heartedly.

I walked out of the class feeling on cloud 9.

I've been at this game for 36 years now, so I know it's a roller coaster. Tomorrow could be a frustrating exercise in frustration. That's the deal.

During my supervision of the Year 10 English today (yes, I'm also the Principal of two campuses and covering two Learning Centres this term = needs must) their lesson was on literary devices.

Reminded me of this great collection of 21 rhetorical devices. Suffice to say none of these 21 came up in today's lesson, but you may enjoy checking them out

Oh yes indeedy, English is FUN.  

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