Sunday, January 13, 2019

Embryonic journey (Jefferson Airplane)

Jorma Kaukonen's autobiography, Been So Long, has a lot of interesting things to say about education.

As he tells it, his parents were like many of that generation - for them a formal education was everything.

Jorma's father was a public servant so the family did time in Pakistan and the Philippines as well as Washington DC while Jorma was growing up. Along the way, he returned to high school in DC and stayed with his grandparents to do so. 

I think I was seeking that sense of continuity and place in the world ...

At the end of high school he understood that higher learning - college, was the next step.

This resonated with me - when I finished school, even though it wasn't discussed, university was my next step, even though neither of my parents went to a similar higher learning institution.

I guess my timing was spot on. As a tail end baby boomer, university was within my reach, even though I'd failed at school and I didn't have any student debt to saddle me down, I was also seeking my place in the world.

And I found it, thanks to right time, right place, right expectations and a large dollop of luck.

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