Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Through the mirror of my mind, time after time, I see reflections of you and me (The Supremes)

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Reflective practitioner (I am a).

I see that description on CVs that come my way (actually, I think it's probably on mine), but what does it mean?

For many, it means analysing an incident and changing something as a consequence.

Wikipedia have a pithy description: Stepping back from the action permits critical reflection on a sequence of events. 

For me, it means writing these posts on my blog, in an attempt to be BTB (better than before); my reflections are much more haphazard and of the moment.

As that Wikipedia article also indicates: The emergence in more recent years of blogging has been seen as another form of reflection on experience in a technological age.

Wahoo. I'm cutting edge!

I've noticed I spend a lot more time reflecting on experience as I go on (there's a lot more to reflect on for a start).

I've spent some of this week helping out our young Head of English. She's brand new to the role and feeling her way.

Takes me back to my dream team English departments over the last 34 years of teaching. I've been in and lead some doozies.

Of recent times, honourable mentions to the mighty earth shaking Woodford House team (2013-2016), and the King John School's rock steady crew (Essex 2004-2006).

Apart from me, they all had equally passionate, funny, and dedicated teachers. Some of the other teams I have been associated with have had individual superstars but lacked cohesion.

Reflecting on that, I put it down to individual personalities and strengths.

After all, teams are all about relationships and communication. Being in one and leading one. Relationships and communication. Full stop.

Curiously, of my senior management teams the King John School was large and had disparate personalities but somehow coalesced well.

In my current role I have a great management team made up of a Junior Lead Teacher, three Community Administrators from the Brethren community and me. 

The mix of personalities, strengths and skills is widespread but effective. Within the school there is no professional leadership team as such because the flat management structure doesn't allow for one. This hasn't been a problem or concern.

Not sure what to make of that - some distance and reflection required!

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