Monday, January 22, 2018

Who knows what's good or bad (the wise Chinese farmer)

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Hot desks. Hot offices.

With our brand spanking new administration area, we've entered a brave new world.

Gone are the individual study/work areas for staff, gone is the idea of 'owning' an office or a workspace.

Instead it's hello to open plan and a more social space - with enlarged kitchen, new communal dining area, and large collaborative table setting the new agenda.

For me, it will take some adjusting to, as I'm used to having an office to dress up and personalise. Sadly, it means no Arsenal flag in the new environment. I may not cope.

But - you sometimes get what you need, rather than what you want, and this fits in with my goal for the year of getting out and about more.

It will be very interesting to watch the changed dynamics in the staff room during this first term. Some will love it. Some will hate it. Some will adjust. Some won't.

I sense a flat meeting may be in order! After all, it worked for The Young Ones.

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