Tuesday, January 10, 2017

They circled around me, natives in a ring, and I saw their souls a-withering like snakes in chains (Patti Smith)

As I was standing in the lengthy queue to see The Walking Dead tour at Universal Studios this week, I had time to ponder on the idea of expectation.

We were in L.A. on the way home to NZ after our holiday in London. I'd read the brochure on The Walking Dead tour before we headed into it but it was all suitably vague and I really had no idea what to expect.

I like this state of being. All things are possible.

We went into a wonderfully dressed dilapidated hospital set. 

Modern queueing is all about being roped into a mazey set of lines. I marvelled at the set - fake blood on walls and floor, sparking lights in a sequence of busted ceiling panels. 

I thought about our new life in 2017  - starting a new job as Principal at Westmount Kaipara campus, moving to a new house in Maungaturoto - and the air was suddenly full of expectation and possibilities.

We eventually experienced the tour - it's hard to explain the sensory experience but so brilliantly simple in its execution (pardon the pun) as frightful zombies emerge from the shadows in the twisting corridors of the 'hospital'.

It was mind blowingly effective and totally exceeded my expectations  My pulse was racing and my legs were jelly by the end and I felt completely alive!

I'm looking forward to 2017 - it's a sea of possibilities!!

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