Thursday, September 8, 2016

As we think so we become (Buddha)

Week 8, Term 3...hhmmmm...must be practice exam time, right? 

I am not a fan of Benchmark exams. 
Here's why:
  • They mess with my routines
  • The marking trebles  
  • Exams (hand writing essays while sitting for hours) are not cool in the personalised blended educational world of 2016

And yet, I am a fan of Benchmark exams.
Here's why:
  • They give the students new routines to embed
  • Students get quality feedback on their progress
  • Exams provide an individual snapshot of an ability to think on the spot in the personalised blended educational world of 2016

See, I do get it!

Mention of routines reminds me of this, the habit loop, from the Ditch That Textbook mastermind - Matt Miller:

We are a creature of our habits. Duhigg breaks down how practically any habit works in this cycle:
  • Something triggers a routine in your life (the cue).
  • You perform that routine.
  • You get some reward (the reason you keep doing the routine).
  • If the trigger didn’t exist, we would never engage in that habit.
The rewards from Benchmarks seem fairly obvious - successes and failures are individually recognised!

Top tip - read that Buddha quote again!

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