Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Everyone deserves a chance to walk with everyone else (Family of the Year)

According to Sir Ken Robinson, great teachers fulfil three essential purposes for students:

  • Inspiration (inspire students with their passion)
  • Confidence (helping students acquire skills and knowledge)
  • Creativity (enabling students to experiment, inquire, ask questions, be curious) 

Simple huh!

Happily, there are many great teachers out there. We have all had them! 

Me? Sure thing... and I have learnt from the best. 

Warwick Gibbs at Mount Albert Grammar gave me that confidence in 1974 while I was recovering from illness (details coming on Wozza's Place).

His passion for languages and his interest in my progress was instrumental in helping me become a teacher.

Roger Horrocks, Wystan Curnow, Margo/Clay and others at Auckland University followed up and brought a new world to view.

Roger Moses, Colin Prentice, John Clarke, Jackie Barron along with current colleagues, like Amy, Greg and Toni, continue to inspire me, give me confidence to experiment and enable me to be better.

And so it goes.

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