Saturday, October 31, 2015

Have you heard about the word that's goin' round? (Iron Butterfly)

What's goin' round?

All Blacks! All Blacks! All Blacks!

...and now - back to the blog...

1 Portrait data
We start this edition with a long read on portraits and the data we give off/away with our portraits. It kinda broadly fit into my education world blog but who cares if it doesn't - it's interesting and therefore...erm...educational! 

That bloke on the right looks well dodgy innit! Is he smiling? Is he thinking, "Is this my neutral expression?" or is this just the way Kiwis celebrate being CHAMPIONS? Read that article!

This bookmark alerts me to the continued importance of UDL in personalised learning,  and we all need these continual reminders right?

3 Craig Kemp
I've probably blogged enough about Craig and his wonderful site but in case you were snoozing, or join us late - here is all you need to know about starting a Twitter account and using it for good!

4 A companion piece to Craig
This by Teacher Toolkit is the next thing you need to read after you've followed Craig's advice!

5 Project based learning
And we finish with this timely reminder about PBL as we head into our end of year activities with the juniors.

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