Friday, July 17, 2015

The kids are alright (The Who)

So - the rise of Wattpad (previous post) is an internet trend. One of 14 highlighted in a post by Will Richardson.

The rest highlight the rise of the young at heart as global influencers. 

The trends point to increased use of 'vertical viewing' on phones, live streaming and gaming (growing a whopping 122% year on year) so that youtube is becoming 'nowtube'.

The youth demographic - 12 to 24 ers - are moving more and more to instagram and Snapchat (Facebook? fergetaboutit). 

Smartphones. In my school it would be close to 100 of the girls have phones and they are all smart! Apparently 76% of this demographic use their smart phones to post content to the interweb.
While I like to think I am young at heart, I am of the vinyl record generation. I really go apoplectic when I hear adverts on the radio (Sound FM in the Purdmobile) telling me not to buy music anymore - stream it from Spotify onto your Telecom mobile. BOO HISS!!!! 

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