Monday, June 22, 2015

So much wasted in the afternoon, so much sacred in the month of June (John Mayer)

Recently, I asked the staff at school about finding a slot for some project based learning (PBL).

I didn't call it that - we have had community based projects at Year 11 and school based projects at Year 12 for a few years but because of our move to vertical Home Rooms we no longer have the horizontal structure to do these things this year.

The staff were split on my proposal to do a foreshortened version of these project based activities in Home Rooms in Term 3. So I flagged the idea for now. A shame. A wasted opportunity. But...a seed has been sown.

For now.

As you know I'm a big fan of the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) that promotes entrepreneurship in the students: I think the whole 'learn by doing' paradigm is very worthy and I plan to have another stab at fitting PBL into next year's programme. 

Given our vertical Home Room organisational culture, I think it will be hugely exciting and beneficial for the girls.

Here's a little video if you need PBL explained as we have used it in the past and plan to use in the future.


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