Sunday, April 19, 2015

We don't have to live in a world where we give bad names to beautiful things (Marillion)

During one of Jackie Barron's excellent assemblies at school she featured one of the commercials made by Always around the 'run like a girl' idea. About the same time I came across the Dove adverts. 

I was impressed with the campaigns and wrote about them at the time in conjunction with Ahmed/Olander's ideas about new advertising in Velocity.

All coming back to you? No! Shame on you but you do have a backtracking treat in store. I'll wait...

Up to speed? Groovy.

So here's another example from the good people at Dove and the text from an adweek blog post. 
A recent survey by Dove found that 96% of women do not choose the word “beautiful” to describe how they look, although 80% said they could see something beautiful about themselves. Dove wants women to make the conscious decision to embrace that beauty and acknowledge it to the world. The women who walked through the “average” door felt saddened by their decision. “It was my choice,” said an Indian woman, “And now I will question myself for the next few weeks or months.” But those who walked — or were dragged by their mothers — through the “Beautiful” door felt “triumphant”. Embracing inner and outer beauty can be a difficult adjustment to make.


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