Thursday, January 1, 2015

I must plummet boldly forward (Greggery Peccary)

This is from Margie Warrell and her blogpost Motivation alone is insufficient.

It's 2015 and for some reason that date seems portentous - it's like a sci-fi   title, from a film made in 1972. 

So- it's 2015 and that time of the year when people set themselves up for disappointment: new year resolutions. 

According to Margie, 80% of new year resolutions fail by the end of January!! Even bearing in mind that 75% of all statistics are made up that figure is a sobering one.

I've never indulged in the new year resolution bizzo myself. Unlike my wife, I'm not a long term planner (or even much of a short term planner). I really understand why Paul McCartney sold Magical Mystery Tour to The Beatles based on a simple pie diagram (right) and why Pete Townsend  did the same amount of forward planning on Tommy.

It's a guy thing.

I often struggle with my goals for the year at school. When I was a Principal my first order of school business in the new year was to get the staff to decide them for me!

One goal/objective/aim is clear, so I've effectively jumped to step 3 on Margie's chart - some unfinished 2014 business - that final reach for the bunch of bananas: prep for a vertical dean structure at Woodford House for 2016.

My general goal/objective/aim for 2015 is to be more ambitious and a little less risk averse. I like Margie's first strategy point - what is it I want more of in my life? For a few years now my ambitious side has been dozing. Time for a wake up in 2015, I feel, and embrace a risk or two.

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