Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A face that seems to laugh alone (Jack Bruce)

First full day at ulearn? Check.

It's been a great day all up. Here are my highlights and lowlights of day one.

Best keynote - Dr Yoram Harpaz on the three incompatible driving ideologies in education. More on this to come.

Funniest stories - two of my fellow Woodfordites sharing their adventures with the spa baths in the motel.

Most unlikely event of the day - I reactivated my twitter account from 2011 following a taster session by Craig Kemp. I know, I know.

Best meal - sharing some Indian takeaways with the Woodfordites and friend.

Best news of the day - our family pet (Bazil) is okay for now after a major health scare. What with the twitter reboot and Bazie - apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Surprisingly, a large number of rudeness moments of the day - people buried in their devices while presenters present - even a large number with their backs to the presenter. Amazing! It's a modern curse. I'm definitely old school - please don't read your emails or ignore what's happening live, in front of your eyes. Take it from me, you'll miss the good stuff.

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